Should You Start Your Blog? 5 Things You Need To Know

Should You Start Your Blog? 5 Things You Need To Know

September 10, 2018 20 By ps0804

When I started my blog, I knew that this is not going to be easy. There were uncertainties. Many questions were running through my mind. When I shared this thing with my 1 or 2 friends( who are obviously not bloggers :P), they did not like this idea at all. But I was sure that I’ve to do this not to earn money only but to feed my soul as well. So, I finally got in touch with few professional bloggers and put my questions in front of them. And trust me guys, bloggers are the sweetest and the most genuine people on this planet. They told me almost everything related to blogging. I am thankful to them because, after their suggestions, I got an insight into what actually should be done. And I thought I should write down the required information. Please go through the provided information and find out the points you should consider before starting your blog.

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1. Write In Advance

Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, a fashion blogger or you blog about anything, you should always prepare your content in advance. Write about 5 to 6 topics in advance before you start your blog. Analyse if you could keep it going or not. Once you’re fully satisfied with your ideas then start your blog. Always remember your content will drive the traffic to your blog. So you have to be very specific about the content you provide to your followers.

2.Hobby Or Profession

This is something which you have to consider at your early stage of blogging. If you’re starting your blog just as a hobby, then you don’t have to care much about it( ads, promotions and all). But if you’re thinking of making money out of your blog, then my friend you’ve to take it very seriously…I repeat very seriously. You’ve to manage all your expenses and promotions. You’ve to be consistent and on the top of everything, you’ve to be real.

3. Is Blogging Free?

This is the only question I hear most of the time especially from the new bloggers and the answer is.. NO. Blogging could be cheap but it is not free. There are premium features which you could use for your blog to reach to a larger audience but they are not free. Always remember you can’t expect to hit the jackpot if you don’t put a few nickels in the machine. So, invest your money wisely.

4.Social Media Presence

Social media plays a tremendously important role for your blog. We are fortunate enough to have different platforms to promote our blog posts and to connect with our followers. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram to promote your blog posts. There is one common question from new bloggers that whether we should create separate social media account for our blogs or we should combine it with our personal accounts? I’ve seen many bloggers who have separate accounts for their blogs. They don’t combine it with their personal accounts and then promote their blogs accordingly. This thing totally depends on you. But build a strong social media presence, so that your followers could connect with you without any hassle.

5.Monetizing The Blog

This is the most favorite part of bloggers. Every blogger wants to monetize their blogs. But if you are starting your blog today and expecting to earn from it immediately, then you might face disappointments( there might be exceptions :P). If you are new to blogging world or planning to start a blog, then don’t expect too much in the beginning. It could take 6 to 8 months to earn a decent part-time income and 12 to 14 months to earn a full-time income(again I am not talking about the exceptions).


So, I’ve tried to sum up almost all the details which I learned from some of the professional bloggers. If you’re new to blogging world or planning to launch your own blog, then please go through this post once, you might find it useful.


Thanks for reading this post. I hope you found it helpful. If you did, then please consider sharing it. And do tell us in the comment section which part you liked the most. 🙂


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