3 Reasons Why Most Blogs Fail

3 Reasons Why Most Blogs Fail

September 18, 2018 22 By ps0804

Blogging is not easy. Yes, you read it right. Blogging is not easy at all, but no one has ever said that you can’t do it. You can start your blog anytime, anywhere and could master it. Blogging is fun, isn’t it? You could find bloggers all over the globe but I’ve seen a lot of bloggers whose blogs fail. Something goes wrong. But many of us fail to analyze the reasons for the failure of blogs and rather end up quitting. I have a friend who started writing blogs 2 to 3 years back and failed miserably but now he runs a successful blog and earns a decent part-time income. This is just a beginning for him and soon he’ll become a full-time blogger. Talking to him was a great experience and inspired by him, I am writing down 3 most important factors which you should keep in mind to ignore the failure of your blogs:

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1.No Passion No Success

Why did you start blogging? Is blogging your passion or just a means to earn money? Let me make this thing clear, if you started your blog just for the sake of earning money, then you have a long long way to go. No doubt, you’ll earn money but with the passage of time, everything will become monotonous. You’llย find it boring and time-consuming and as a result of it your blog will fail. So, what was the point of starting this whole process if at the end you had to end it this way? If you really want to run a successful blog, then you have to be passionate about it. Mastering your niche is not required but at least try to be passionate about what you write. Your readers should be able to connect with you and your passion could only make this happen. So, start writing your blog posts with passion and get successful with your blog.

2. Search Engine Optimization Is A Must

To reach to a large number of people, you should start optimizing your blog. Search for effective keywords and include in your blog posts. Including the keyword in the title of your blog is very important. Optimize your URLs on every post you publish. Use alt text in your images and featured images. Link internally your blog- posts. It will help in keeping visitors to your website or blog. Make sure your blog is mobile friendly. People use the search engine more from their mobile phones than from a laptop or a computer. Google displays the mobile-friendly results first, so making your blog mobile friendly is a must. If you’re not optimizing your blog, then it might get failed.

3.Promote It Like A Pro

Now this part is a must must thing for your blog to grow. Promotions. What is the point of following your passion, writing a blog-post and optimizing it if it is not reaching to your audience? Try to promote your blog- post on every possible platform – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit everywhere you can. Request other bloggers to visit your blog and give their valuable suggestions and feedback on your blog- posts. Make an email subscriber list and let your subscribers know whenever you post your new article. If your blog is not reaching to the right audience, then it might get failed. So, promote it everywhere and let your blog reach to a larger audience.

So, by following these simple things, you can avoid the failure of your blogs and make your blog much successful.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you found it helpful. If you did, then please consider sharing it. And do tell us in the comment section which part you liked the most.


Happy Blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

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