7 Ways To Break Your Fear Of Public Speaking

7 Ways To Break Your Fear Of Public Speaking

September 1, 2018 12 By ps0804

There was a time when a simple thought of public speaking or giving a presentation used to give me goosebumps. I used to find ways to hide behind some other student or underneath a table so that professors could not spot me.LOL. Public speaking was a kind of thing I never liked. I was not comfortable with it at all and I always wondered how these people are such good speakers. Several questions used to run in my mind: Oh my God, are they not afraid of speaking in front of so many people? Have they prepared the content? Don’t they think about the audience while speaking? But, soon I realized that this fear of public speaking is pulling me down to achieve heights and success in my life. I finally decided to put all the efforts to overcome this fear and today I can proudly say that I am not only a great public speaker but I can also speak on any subject without prior preparation. So, I am going to list down few approaches that I followed to help you in overcoming your fear of public speaking.

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1. Get Comfortable

First thing first, to speak in front of a large audience, you first need to get comfortable with the environment. Don’t get nervous. Keep calm and most important BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT, this is definitely going to work.

2.Know Your Audience

If you’re asked to speak in front of an audience of a particular age bracket, then choose wisely what you are going to speak about. For example: if the audience is of age bracket 18-28, talk about career goals, relationships, dating. If the audience is of age bracket 45-60, then come on, you can’t talk about dating, in that case, talk about investments, traveling. Always make sure that your audience is enjoying and not yawning.

3. Prepare your content

If enough time is given to you to prepare a topic, then prepare it wisely. Remember the key points to deliver so that you won’t miss important points. For example, if you’re asked to give a formal presentation in front of your bosses, then prepare beforehand, remember the facts and figures about the topic to avoid any kind of mishappening and disappointment.

4. Smile While Speaking

Many times I got this feedback from my friends and seniors that you should smile more often while speaking. It shows your positive and cheerful attitude towards your audience. Always wear your beautiful smile. Maintain the eye contact.Your audience will enjoy if you’ll enjoy.

5. Keep Them Engaged

Always have a conversation with your audience. Never make them feel like they are listening to a robot who just keeps on talking without paying much attention to his audience. You can keep them engaged in any way, for example: ask questions to them, ask about their life experience related to the topic or just ask them to introduce themselves but keep them engaged, so that this whole thing does not get boring.

6. Run At The Right Pace

Don’t speak just for the sake of speaking. Hundreds and thousands are people are listening to you, so you must deliver your speech with the right speed. Don’t speak too slow otherwise they’ll get bored and don’t speak too fast, they won’t understand anything. Go at the right pace and connect with them and with their thoughts.

7. Self-Confidence Is The Key

Never underestimate yourself. Always keep your self-confidence high. It is the most attractive quality you can have while speaking. Your audience will definitely connect with you if you are confident enough. Always remember there is nothing more powerful than those who are unafraid.


These are the few things I keep in mind whenever I have to speak in public and trust me guys, if you follow these things, you’ll definitely be able to overcome your fear of public speaking.


So, wear that smile, strike the right chord and get ready to fly high. 🙂


Comment below to tell us how you overcame your fear of public speaking.





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